The Giving Tree Sober Living Homes for Women - Sober Living Home for Recovering Women.
The Giving Tree is structured to go along perfectly with 12-step based programs and a minimum of five outside 12-step meetings of ones choice weekly is required. We also provide in house groups on a variety of topics. Women who are working full time, are in school full time or are attending an intensive out-patient program, are required to attend three in house groups. Women who do not yet have a full life schedule are required to attend five in house groups. All clients must attend five outside 12-step meetings, get at least one meeting commitment and have a working relationship with a sponsor.
The Giving Tree has a zero drug and alcohol use policy. All clients are tested every evening after curfew for alcohol and screened randomly two to three times weekly for drug use through their urine. We feel that the testing also helps with prevention and gives our clients a measure of safety within the home as well as a deterrent when faced with triggers in the world. A copy of each residents test record is kept in their file.
Due to the nature of addiction, The Giving Tree does have strict medication policies. Most antidepressants are allowed, along with trazadone and common bipolar medications. Benzodiazapines (Xanax, Valium, Advan), Somas, Opiates and synthetic opiates such as Vicodin and methadone are not allowed. Adderall and its derivatives are not permitted but other ADHD medications are, such as strattera and concerta. For a more comprehensive list of medications permitted or not allowed please do not hesitate to ask and clarify before intake. Medications are kept in a locked cabinet and a med sheet is logged and monitored by staff. Residents may have some medications on their person such as Advil and birth control. Mouth wash or cough syrup containing alcohol is not allowed. All medications must be declared upon intake and any new medications declared at once to staff.
The Giving Tree is not a psychiatric facility. It caters to the needs of women who desire with in themselves to recover from addiction and improve the quality of their life. Most of our residents have completed a 30-day treatment program before entering our house or have had significant recovery experience. As we realize other programs have a high cost, a prior in-patient program is not required but recommended. At The Giving Tree, the residents are learning to "live" clean and sober, rather than "get" clean and sober and all residents MUST test clean to enter and stay clean to remain. Women may work, go to school, volunteer, have a cell phone, laptop or car. Wifi is provided. We do have a curfew of 10:30pm on weekdays and 11:00pm on weekends along with an initial restriction period for new residents. For overnight stays a pass request and relapse prevention form must be filed out at least 24 hours in advance and approved by a manager before leaving. There are no overnight passes for women at the house less than 30 days. Men are not permitted inside the house.
The Giving Tree does provide a myriad of foods for its residents including lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, breads, cheese, eggs, meat and snacks. A food cabinet and a refrigerator space is allocated for each resident to put their personal food items. All pots, pans and cooking needs are available for use. We have regular kitchens and comfortable living rooms. Women may cook and eat when ever they wish as long as they clean up their mess. There are some things women will want to provide for themselves to meet their own culinary tastes or diary needs.
We are located in down town Santa Barbara, a car is not necessary and bus and trolley service are very close and easily accessible.
Coin operated laundry is on site.
The fee is $750.00 monthly with a $150.00 Deposit. The $150.00 deposit is refundable, provided the resident gives one weeks notice they are moving out.
If a resident is asked to leave for any reason or does not give one weeks notice, the $150.00 deposit will not be refunded. The remainder of the monthly fee of $750.00 is always prorated and refunded no matter what a resident does or does not do. Refunds, unless otherwise directed, are always refunded to the paying party. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted. A cashiers check, money order, cash, wire transfer or in bank deposit are all accepted and a receipt is always provided. A payment record is kept in each residents file.
The Giving Tree is communal living. Please do not bring excessive coats or formal wear. Santa Barbara has a temperate climate, a casual beach life style and clothing space is somewhat limited. We are not a hotel and women are expected to provide their own toiletries and do their own laundry. Comfortable bedding is provided or a resident may bring their own. Please bring your own bath towel and extra hangers.
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